Garret Harsin
Biography by Ray Harsin April 8, 2010

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If your last name is spelled Harsin, then odds are in your favor that you are a descendant of this individual. Garret Harsin was born in New York City as part of the family's 5th generation in America. His father spelled the name as Harsen and other various spellings were recorded in prior generations. This man is the subject of all my research. The scope of my research includes locating every descendant of this man. I do not research his ancestors any longer.


Descendants of Garret Harsin  <--- The Harsin Family Tree    This is a tree of names, birthdates, birth places, marriage dates, marriage places, death dates and death places.

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1753, June 15: Born in New York City *Found in Application for Revolutionary War Pension
1776-1780: Volunteered in American Revolutionary War as soldier for America
1776, June: Volunteer as Private in American Revolution (5 month term)
1777, Summer: Volunteer as Private in American Revolution (3 month term)
1777, Autumn: Volunteer as Private in American Revolution (3 month term) Occupation: Baker
1777, End: Volunteered as a sailor on the Navy ship The Hudson (18 month term)
1779: Artificer's shop at Fishkill, New York. Made wagons for the army.
1784, May 30: Married Elizabeth Doughty in New York at The Reformed Dutch Church
1785: First child born. George Harsin in New York City.
1787, January 20: Second child born: Elizabeth B. Harsin in N.C.
1790: Migrated to Kentucky
1790. September 24; Third child born: Garret Gilbert Harsin in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky
1792: Garret Harsin is found in Bourbon County, KY, tax list.
1797, September: Fourth child born: Deborah Ann Harsin in Paris, KY.
1801: Fifth child born: Maria Harsin in Nicholas County, KY.
1806: Sixth child born: Nancy Harsin in Paris, KY.
1807, May 24: Seventh child born: John D. Harsin in Bourbon County, KY.
1807/8: Eigth child born: Sarah Harsin in Paris, KY.
1785-1826: Lived in Bourbon County, KY *Found in Application for Revolutionary War Pension
1826: Moved to Shelby County, IN. *Found in Application for Revolutionary War Pension
1832, September 15: Applied for a Revolutionary War Pension
1838, September 24: Died in Shelby County, Indiana
1848, November 13: Lot 19 on Jackson Street, Shelbyville, IN. was purchased from Garret Harsin's Estate.
1848, November: Garret Harsin's Estate finally settled.

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    I do not research ancestors before this individual.

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    Elizabeth Doughty

        Come back soon to view the biography created for Elizabeth.

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            *Note: I will be working on the children's biographies next.

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    This is Garret Harsin, himself. All other biographies will have an ancestry line that will show how that individual is directly related to this Garret Harsin.

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